The Healthy Relationship Plus Program applies the same core principles of skill building and awareness as the Fourth R classroom-based programs, but in a non-classroom setting. This program targets the prevention of violence through the promotion of positive, healthy relationships. Ours is a proactive, competency-enhancement approach rather than a treatment. 

It is a program for small groups (6-25 youth) and has been enhanced to include a strengthened focus on mental health and suicide prevention, and drug and alcohol use. 

Intended Participants 

This program is intended for youth between the ages of 12 and 18. We strongly advise that younger youth not be included because the content and strategies were specifically selected for this age group.

It should be noted that, in some schools, guidance personnel have identified youth that they think would benefit from the program and have encouraged those youth to attend. The specific approach to identifying participants may differ depending on the needs of the school or organization. 


Healthy Relationships Plus Program (HRPP)

Healthy Relationships Plus Program - Enhanced for Vulnerable Youthan adapted version of HRPP, appropriate for vulnerable youth and youth in the justice system. (Note: this edition is not for sale at this time)

Healthy Relationships Program for LGBT2Q+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Two-Spirit, Queer/Questioning) Youth - an adapted version of HRPP, appropriate for gender, sexual, and romantic minority youth. 

Session topics:

  • It’s Your Choice – Friendships / Relationships
  • Influences on Relationships
  • Early Warning Signs of Dating Violence
  • Communication Styles
  • Standing Up for What is Right
  • When Friendships and Relationships End
  • Shaping Our Views
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Knowing Your Values and Boundaries
  • Taking Responsibility for Emotions
  • Emotional Health and Well-Being

Sample Lesson Plan - HRPP

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