All parent presentations are 60 minutes in length.

Cyber Bullying and Online Safety

This presentation addresses cyber bullying and digital harassment, how communication technologies can be used to bully and harass, and the possible consequences of engaging in these behaviours. A variety of strategies and safety tips will be provided to prevent cyber bullying and increase online safety.  

Social Networking 101

This presentation focuses on how social media is used appropriately and inappropriately by youth.  Examples are provided of how social networking can lead to cyber bullying, digital harassment, and unsafe situations. Tips and tools are provided to help parents monitor and protect youth as they navigate and socialize in this new online world.      

Digital Harassment, Social Networking, and Online Safety

This presentation is a condensed combination of the above two presentations.  

The Impact of Media Violence on Youth

This presentation addresses a number of topics, such as how the media portrays violence and the messages being communicated by this violence; the impact of media violence on children and youth; video games and their impact on children; the importance of monitoring children’s media use; how to set rules around children’s media use; and positive forms of media designed for children and youth. 

Coming of Age in the Digital Era

This presentation examines representations of males and females in media and addresses what these images say about gender stereotypes and normative masculinity and femininity. Topics discussed include mixed media messages, violence in media, the hypersexualization of girls, and how social media is impacting on youth perceptions of what type of person they are supposed to be. Recommendations for building protective factors and positive media choices are provided. 

Stop Bullying: Creating Upstanders instead of Bystanders

This presentation outlines some of the current challenges we face in our communities and schools in regards to bullying and cyber bullying. Students play a crucial role in being part of the solution, but creating safe and accepting schools often starts at home with the messages children and adolescents receive from their parents. Strategies that make a difference and approaches to fostering the qualities of an upstander will be addressed.  

Challenging Homophobia

This presentation examines issues of inclusion and exclusion, with a specific focus on homophobia. We discuss where homophobic messages come from, stereotypes about LGBT individuals, and the impact of homophobia on LGBT youth. We also focus on why addressing homophobia is important, how to respond to inappropriate behaviour, and how to support LGBT youth. 

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