“The materials and support offered through The 4th R are wonderful. Lessons are well-planned and laid out and the activities and vignettes are engaging and fun. I can’t wait to train all of our PHE educators.” – Ornella Svalestuen, Richmond School District No. 38

Training for PHE teacher – “It was the best PRO-D that I have had in many years. It was practical, fast paced and fun, and we left with a resource that we can use right away." – Delta School District #37, British Columbia

“The Fourth R can be integrated in powerful and important ways with curriculum the secondary English program. Students are motivated to read and talk about personally meaningful topics affecting youth. Relevant, issues-based reading provided through Fourth R resources engages students and promotes meaningful talking, writing, and critical thinking in the English classroom.” - Connie Bray, Learning Supervisor, Learning Support Services, Thames Valley District School Board, London, Ontario

“The Fourth R is a comprehensive program, using the theme of healthy relationships, to deliver important life lessons in areas of safety and injury prevention, healthy growth and sexuality, and substance use and abuse. It’s emphasis on role play, allowing students to practice decision-making skills in life-like situations, is a real strength. I would highly recommend this resource to any health and physical educator in a secondary school in Ontario.” - Anthony Petitti, former Superintendent of Education, Toronto Catholic District School Board, Toronto, Ontario

“The Cultural Leadership Course empowers students to learn and understand what it takes to be successful students both at school and in their communities. By working together in an environment that builds trust and fosters healthy relationships, students work together in hopes of building better futures for themselves, families and communities.” - Timothy Cowl, Teacher, London, Ontario

“One of the strengths of the 4th R Aboriginal Perspectives program is the pedagogical approach taken to teach relationship building skills...The lessons are all very interactive, engaging, and reflective of Indigenous pedagogy which centers on holistic and experiential learning. Many of the lessons encourage teachers to invite Elders or knowledge keepers into the classroom and several lessons include the medicine wheel model and the use of sharing circles.” - Marie Battiste, Carm Gillies, Yvonne Prusak, Aboriginal Education Research Centre, University of Saskatchewan

“The 4th R program has been a useful resource in grade 8 health. I have been using the program to teach students about healthy eating and active living. The instructional strategies and lesson guides are easy to use and the students are engaged in the activities. The training allowed me to be confident in teaching the program through using differentiated instructional strategies…Violence prevention through building relationships is a very important part of teaching and this resource has helped me to see how easy it can be to set students up for success.” - Lindsay Mehler, Teacher, Saskatchewan