Healthy Relationships Program for LGBT2Q+ Youth Skills for Effective Relationships Part 1

There is a wide range of clips to choose from that address different topics such as: peer pressure, substance use, school stressors, interpersonal conflict, dating relationships, etc. There is a focus on issues/concerns that might be relevant to LGBT2Q+ youth as well as clips that demonstrate issues relevant to all youth, but that appear in the context of LGBT2Q+ relationships. It is important to review clips in advance of showing them to the students so that relevant clips are chosen. You will also want to select clips that align with the topics being discussed at that time. The lessons identify when it would be an appropriate time to show a clip.

The clips are organized into five sections. Part I focuses on demonstrating communication skills including assertive, passive and aggressive communication. Part II focuses on demonstrating skills that include delay, refusal and negotiation skills and Part III focuses on a combination of skills, Part IV focuses on skills required for apologizing and Part V focuses on support skills.

Note: Any scenario # that shows a * beside it is a clip that was most recently created by students (2018). 

PART I – Assertive, Passive, Aggressive Communication Skills

Scenario 1: Friend pressuring another friend to go to GSA meeting

Scenario 2: One partner wants the other to go over to a friend’s house

Scenario 3: Trans female standing up for identity

Scenario 4: Being teased for hanging out with a group of girls

Scenario 5: Couple at a party – one pressures the other to get high

Scenario 6: One partner wants to be more demonstrative regarding the relationship

Scenario 7 * Child comes out to parent

Scenario 8 * Trans youth comes out to an old friend

Scenario 9 * Student asks a teacher not to use the name on the attendance