Safe Schools Toolkit

A Comprehensive Toolkit for Safe, Inclusive, and Accepting Schools: Strategies from the Thames Valley District School Board


Ontario Institute for Education Leadership; 2012; 160 pages.

safe schools

This Toolkit is a resource for school leaders of all kinds and contains all of the information you will need to lead a program for your school to develop a safe, inclusive, and accepting environment for all learners. The Toolkit is presented through four different approaches, moving from the pragmatic and tactical to the strategic. The Toolkit begins by organizing policies, procedures, and programs that have been developed in response to specific Policy/Program Memoranda and other key documents from the Ontario Ministry of Education. The second approach is a more global one using the School Assessment Checklist as a starting point for assessing and planning safe schools initiatives. Next, the Toolkit highlights some of the major principles of effective safe, inclusive, and accepting schools initiatives; challenges and tips for success in each of these principles are also discussed. The Toolkit’s final approach aligns with the Ministry of Education’s whole school approach. The Toolkit ends with several comprehensive case studies highlighting major initiatives that have stood out either for their sustainability and track records or because they represent exciting and innovative approaches to emerging issues.

In addition to the Toolkit, an accompanying DVD includes numerous examples of program resources and templates, video resources, and relevant Ontario Ministry of Education documents. 

A Comprehensive Toolkit for Safe, Inclusive, and Accepting Schools can be downloaded for free from the Institute for Education Leadership’s website. Click here for the website.

To purchase a copy from the Thames Valley District School Board for $30.00, please contact 519-452-2000. 


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