Grade 9 Skills for Effective Relationships Part 3

There are a wide range of clips to choose from that address different areas of the program and include topics such as: peer pressure, substance use, school stressors, interpersonal conflict, dating relationships, etc. It is important to review clips in advance of showing them to the students so that appropriate clips are chosen for the students in the class. You will also want to choose clips that align with the topics being discussed. The lessons identify when it would be an appropriate time to show a clip.

These clips are organized into three sections. Part I focuses on demonstrating communication skills including assertive, passive and aggressive communication. Part II focuses on demonstrating skills that include delay, refusal and negotiation skills and Part III focuses on a combination of skills.

Note: Any scenario # that shows a * beside it is a clip that was most recently created by students (2015).

Part III – Combination Skills:

Scenario 1* Sexual pressure to take relationship to the “next level”

Scenario 2* One friend trying to get another to facilitate betrayal/cheating

Scenario 3 One friend pressuring the other to steal make-up

Scenario 4 One partner doesn’t want the other to be alone with another friend to study

Scenario 5 One friend spreading a rumour about another friend

Scenario 6 One person is racist about another

Scenario 7 Friends have a discussion about “ratting” after a recent stabbing

Scenario 8 A student is trying to pass by in the hall and some others start harassing him

Scenario 9 First nations youth is dating a “white” person but the friends don’t agree with the relationship

Scenario 10 One youth wants to buy weed and tries to convince friends not to say anything

Scenario 11 Pressuring a friend to drink at a party

Scenario 12 Friend considering suicide by taking pills

Scenario 13 One partner is being abusive to the other and a third friend steps in

Scenario 14 One partner approaches the other about having sex, and there is a discussion about being tested for an STBBI

Scenario 15 Friend raped by her uncle