Communication Line Student Training

This is a teaching/learning strategy. The class will be divided in half. One half of the class (line A) will stand on one side of a line, and the other half (line B) will stand across from a partner. Line A will number off from one starting at one end of the line. Line B will take on the number of their line A partner. Line A partner will think to themselves about a given topic. At the same time, line B partner will think about another given topic. After 20 seconds, ask line B to speak first and then line A. Once students have had a chance to share with their partners, they are encouraged to share with the entire class. The reason for assigning numbers to line A is that if students are not providing answers, you can call out a number and ask that those students to share what they had discussed. Students in line B will move two places to their right and ask their new partners for their number. The process above can be repeated for additional questions.