Foodopoly Student Training

This is a teaching/learning strategy than is also known as Fitness Monopoly or a Fitness Circuit. Divide students into pairs. Provide each pair with one die, a pen or pencil and one copy of the handout. Direct students’ attention to all of the Foodopoly Cards posted throughout the gym on the walls. Review each of the workout activities to be performed at each card. Explain that students will roll the die, and then move that number of spaces/stations around the board (gym). When they get to a station, they have to answer the corresponding question on their sheet and then they need to complete the activity that is posted. Then, they can roll the die again and continue. Explain that every time they pass GO, they will receive $100 in Fourth R Foodopoly Money. After 10 to 15 minutes, stop them and bring them in together to count their money and review answers.