Has Anyone Ever? Student Training

This is a group energizer activity. Have students bring their chairs and make a circle. The teacher/facilitator will stand in the middle of the circle and remove their chair from the circle. Next, the teacher/facilitator will make a statement starting with “Has Anyone Ever…” and the rule is that whatever you say has to be something you actually have done yourself. For example, you could say, “has anyone ever eaten pizza” or “has anyone ever brushed their teeth” or “has anyone ever been to New York City”. The person in the middle will make one statement and then anyone sitting in a chair that has done this same thing, for example eaten pizza, gets up from their chair and moves to an empty chair across the circle and sits down. While everyone is moving to a new chair, the person in the middle is also finding a chair to sit on. The person left standing without a chair now goes into the middle of the circle and makes a statement starting with, “Has anyone ever...” and the activity continues.