Pass The Paper Teacher Training

This is a teaching/learning strategy. Divide the class into groups of 5 (4 will also work). It is best if students can sit in a circle or around a group of desks for this activity. Hand out one of the Decision-Making Scenarios to each student in the group. There are five scenarios provided, so each person within a group will have a different scenario, and each group will use the same five scenarios. This will be done so that responses can be compared to other groups later.

Once each person in the group has a different scenario, they are to read their own scenario to themselves. Then, they should turn to the IDEAL Decision –Making Model sheet, and fill in the “identify the problem” box for the scenario that they have just read. Explain to students that they must provide enough details to make the situation clear, because someone else in the group, who has not read their scenario, will be completing the next box.

Once you feel that students have had enough time, ask them to pass their paper to their group member on the right. As soon as each person has a new paper, they should read what has been identified as the problem. They then will write down all of the possible decisions about this problem that could be made. Encourage students to consider as many decisions as possible, even the “bad” decisions. Instruct them to write their answers in the second box on the page.

Once you feel that students have had enough time, ask them again to pass their paper to the group member on their right…