Picture Word Induction Student Training

This is a teaching/learning strategy. Divide the class into small groups of two to four students. Provide two magazine advertisements of a male and female model to each group. Each student has a small pack of post-it notes. Students will work individually to look at each ad and consider what the ad is telling us about male and female bodies/body image. Their task is to write one idea on each post-it note, and then stick the post-it directly onto the ad, in the appropriate place. For example, on the male picture, a student may write the word “muscular” and stick it on the biceps area of the male in the advertisement. Tell them to write as many ideas as possible in two to three minutes. Students can also “tag” any of the text on the page that relates to body image. When the time is up, ask students to take a minute to share within their own groups the ideas they posted on the two ads. Next, instruct the students to leave their ads on the desk, and walk around the class to see what other groups identified on their magazine ads.