Quiz Quiz Trade Student Training

This is a teaching/learning strategy. Each student should receive a card with a question and answer on it. To start, students will select a partner and play rock/paper/scissors to see who goes first. Whoever “wins” will read the “question” side of the card to their partner. The partner will answer this question. If necessary, the reader can “coach” the partner with hints using the answer on the back of the card. When the first question is answered correctly and completely, the roles are reversed. The person in the pair who was the responder will become the reader of the question on their card and the person who read will become the responder. Again, the reader of the question can use the answer on the back to coach their partner to the correct answer. Once both people have responded to a question, they will TRADE cards with each other, raise their hand high, and find a new partner who also has a hand up. Students will repeat this question-and-answer process as many times as possible in the time allotted, trying to work with as many new partners as possible.