Timed Retell Student Training

This is a teaching/learning strategy. Students are divided into pairs and label themselves as A or B. The teacher/facilitator will assign a question or issue for discussion. Individually, students brainstorm and jot down ideas about the question or issue. The teacher/facilitator will instruct Partner A to begin by telling Partner B about the issue. Partner A has 30 seconds to talk, while Partner B works on being an active listener. Partner A is trying to be as convincing as possible. Partner B now retells Partner A’s ideas for 30 seconds. Students now switch roles and Partner B will present information on a related topic, as assigned by the teacher. Partner B tries to be as convincing as possible within the 30 second time limit. Partner A is working on active listening skills. Partner A now has 30 seconds to retell Partner B what they said. As an option, teacher can ask students to write a paragraph reflecting on their partner’s point of view, or can ask the students to write a “Letter to the Editor” based on their partner’s viewpoint of the topic assigned.