Where's The Lie Student Training

This is a group energizer activity. Hand out a small piece of paper and a pen/pencil to each student. Ask students to write down two true statements and one false statement about themselves, in any order at all. Explain that they will be sharing these statements with the rest of the group. Ask that students take their sheet of paper with them, raise their hand, stand up and find a partner. As soon as they find a partner, give a high five to say hello. Tell students to play rock, paper, scissors. The winner, Partner A, will get to state two truths and a lie first. Once partner A has provided the three statements, partner B has to guess which one is a lie. Then, Partner B has the opportunity to read the three statements while partner A guesses which statement is a lie. After each partner has had a chance to share, the pair should give a high five, and then raise their hands until they find a new partner to repeat the process.